Last Little Moments of 2016

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Every wedding is unique and special, that's why a professional is more often than not hired to dedicate their time to capturing what goes off. It's always an honour to be that person and to be very close to a couple during what is a massive moment in their lives. 

There are always the usual shots you expect to capture but what makes every wedding different from a photographers perspective is that there's always one or two moments that stand out, my final blog for 2016 is the conclusion of these little moments. The shots might not feature both the bride & groom or even either of them but these are some of my favorite shots and a little insight as to why.

Big thanks again to all the couples that let me play a part in their day in 2016 and on that note, if you know of anyone getting wed in 2017 or beyond please feel free share the post to give them a nudge.


This is a shot that has featured on my Facebook page for a few months as it’s one of my favourites. Hayley had said she’d love a shot of Craig and all the men walking back up from the pub, the problem was most arrived by car but with the Bride’s request ringing in my ears I made them all walk 200 yards back away from the gates of Mayfield hall and casually walk back. The aim was to make sure as many folk were visible and make it look as natural and Reservoir Dogs as possible, but every wedding needs it’s clown and Glen was a pro, without prompting Glen just leapt up and did this.


Phil and Sammi’s day was blighted with bad weather. It just didn’t stop raining at all the key outdoor parts so we were on plan B all day. Until later on in afternoon, with the speeches all done and drinking in full swing the weather cheered up and we managed to do a bit of a mop up of shots. Andy at Yeldersley had showed me some rooms that were work in progress, designed to assist with wet weddings and when Sammi had 5 minutes I tested one of the rooms out for the first time as I loved the rustic brickwork in the background. I’m pleased I did.


Photo opportunities at Ben & Holly’s day were plentiful. Usually when I come to pick a memorable shot for the blog I know immediately which one it is, but I knew there were a few I liked. However I had a flick through them all and there was one that I had forgotten about. My favourite stage of the wedding from a photography perspective is the bridal prep, because it really is all natural- it’s usually a bit of a mad panic so the last thing folk want is direction, I just stand back and take pictures. This shot for me says everything about that part of the day.


When I met with Chris & Sarah they told me that getting a photographer was the last part they were doing as they had throughout had the idea of Chris’s Dad (a retired wedding photographer) doing the honours for them, or at least him being there to get ‘some’ shots. But the more they planned the more they considered it might be too much for him due to his ill-health and so I came into the equation. I said to the couple that by all means if Chris’s Dad wanted to do some photography on the day I would be fine with that, I would even lend him my gear should he need it, it would be special for them to have some shots by him- but they said he probably wouldn’t. Then on the day, when I had worked through my lists and I dropped back to get some candid shots I noticed another photographer with the couple and immediately knew Dad obviously when it came to the crunch couldn’t resist. I got some shots of the three of them and when Dad had finished I took his place and got this.


Huge congratulations on Simon being as sober as he was on his big day. Knowing his social circle I was secretly a little nervous about what state I’d find him and the ushers in the next day but all was well, Sam obviously has him well trained. Yeldersley Hall offers so many opportunities for photos but this was one I wanted to get and I knew that this was the one I wanted to feature due to it’s uniqueness. I’ve taken this shot before at other weddings at Yeldersley as I know other photographers have but this as it’s stands currently is a one off I believe as this is the first wedding photo at Yeldersley featuring the clock telling the right time and I took it!


Anybody that has got married before will know this sensation. I was only with Nick & Fiona for a few hours just to capture the main parts of their big day, there was little time or space for me to drop back and get a couple of natural little moments but I did get this. With the guests and family in their seats ready for the speeches and meal I caught the couple examining what these new weird and alien bits of jewellery were on the second finger of the left hands. Although they’d been together for a long time prior to saying "I do" it was still a very sweet and innocent moment to witness.


I wasn’t there for the wedding itself, no one was! In short: Steve & Karon ran off to Derby in the morning and got wed and then polled up to the local pub to meet all their guest who were expecting to attend said ceremony. Instead the guests were bundled into a red double decker and taken to the Mackworth where they were fed and watered and made to take part in a music video, they were then taken to the Kedleston for more cocktails and music video and then they were taken back. It was a unique day, before the couple got off the routemaster bus at the Mackworth and the madness began I got this.





















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