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The Big Little Wedding

August 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's not sales speak when I say "Every wedding is different"- some do follow a familiar pattern but they all differ. A last minute booking on the 11th August was very different and despite me only having the cameras switched on for at best an hour it is one I'll remember for a long time.

When I received the initial contact the requirement wasn’t clear, I just had to confirm I was available and willing and everything else would be confirmed afterwards.

Matt & Emma had planned on going abroad to tie the knot, but sadly due to Emma being diagnosed with cancer the goal posts moved dramatically. I spoke with Emma on the day when dust had settled and was inspired, because despite the situation the plans didn’t stop as they so easily could have… they merely changed.

“There is always someone worse off” – Emma was so happy to have her day.

I was the only non-relative in audience of 6 to witness the couple tie the knot at the Derby registry office, there is always a true intimacy to see people marrying in this manner but given the situation I really did feel privileged. There was always going to be a big emotional element with it so to invite the photographer in was truly brave but testament to how important the day was to the family. Indeed on that point Emma's Dad rang me in the morning to check everything was okay, he also asked me if the agreed fee was enough and should I want more I was only to ask- I of course didn't but it was clear just what his little girl's day meant to him. 

Then the scale of the day reversed, the marriage was blessed at St. Francis Church in Mackworth. I had presumed it would be close friends & relatives as is often the case, but the car parks filled and cars kept arriving, people poured into a large church to leave standing room only- it was the most people I have seen in a church this year….. and quite possibly in my photography career so far.
Aside from the priest I had the best vantage point in the house to observe a ceremony that was traditional yet fun and it beautifully involved the family with the couple’s young son Finn playing a key and touching role. 

As the newly weds strode back down the aisle the pressure was off,  the legal side and now the religious aspect were complete and any sign of tears had turned to smiles of triumph and relief. It was now a time for celebration and judging by it being 4 deep at the bar in the Bell & Castle afterwards I'm confident that was well observed.


Matt & Emma, thank you for letting me play a part in your day x


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